Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Day

Another day in Second Life!
Seems like I have been burning the candle at both ends. Lots of real life work and many hours of Second Life doesn't leave a lot over for sleeping.
When Otenth first ceeded me my town plot, he renamed it Fotherington Gardens. Since then I had failed to give it much thought. Recently however I obtained a cherry blossom tree with particles of falling blossoms.
I am in love with these trees.
So I laid out a platform and put trees along the edge and a row of flowers too. Noice!

I have had to run a major chair repair campaign. No doubt someone knows why a sit function will work one day and not the next, but that person isn't me. I have to admit that I have not spent much time with visitors in my house so I hadn't tested any of the chairs since I first spread them around. A surprise visit by Lukos and Sarinah turned embarrsssing when I had nothing to offer but cubes for sitting! Humph.
Fact: Apparently three people means camping ground. A fourth person joined us and attempted to raise money by camping on Rusty the guard corgi. I love Second Life! Why doesn't anyone camp on Real Life Rusty?
So I have had a personal blitz. Theme- chairs.
Cushions on floor, chairs and a park bench on my other bit of land leaves me with significantly better entertaining options. Viewing Lukos's back as he lies smothered on the bed.. not so good, even if he is comfortable listening to the music that pipes into my house.
Otherhalf has spent a few nights listening to ridiculous options to replace the streamed music. So far, Otenth's choice appears to be superior.
I took some really pretty pictures of Lukos and I sitting under the trees on the new bench however Lukos was having a bad hair day so I won't post them. Be grateful, boy! However I reckon that this is the perfect place to sit, watch the sun set, share souls and suggest greater Audrey content for blogs.
Fact: There is a point when there can be too much Audrey in a blog.
I keep thinking I have attended my last Building Blitz, only to find opportunity to sneek in one more. I worked too much over the weekend and when things went quiet yesterday, I decided I needed an early mark to do some chores. I was pretty chuffed to find that even after the chores were done, I was able to get to the NCI oldies blitz. Theme... Games.
So I built a slot car set. I really struggled with two things. I couldn't target the tiny cars and making the wire cords was a complete pain. Third prize though was excellent and my kitty now has rent for two months as long as I don't buy anything else in that time. No texture uploads. No clothes. No buying sounds. I don't think I will make it! LOL
Just before dinner last night, I had 10 minutes to spare before I needed to start cooking so I tp-ed to Aley's sim. There is always something there to explore. So I was in the pirates lair and thought I would give the toilet a go. ROFLOL. The toilet was not happy to have an occupant and threw me across the room!
Next thing I know, I am sitting on the sink, and a rocket powered bus pulled up at the window and tooted. Aley had arrived. I love Second Life!
Pity I had to go and cook dinner as our chat had to be short, but Aley gave me a few tips to try to float my boat. Not enough though. I got the sit fixed, but when I hop in, the boat rolls 90 degrees. Then we can sail around sideways with me underwater. Funny as anything but I would like to look less stupid if possible.
Final photo is of the curious question asker... met him at NCI and he was full of questions. Including where I lived.
Of course I was happy to show him lovely Wyre. The photo also gives you an idea how much better my images are now that I have the band width to deal with the graphics available.

P.S. He had no idea who I was when I next saw him! A lasting impression, obviously.

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