Saturday, February 16, 2008

St Valentines Day Bash

St Valentine's Day Party at NCI
As the otherhalf was having a turn on the pc when the party kicked off and I lay sick in bed with a cold, I figured I was going to miss the gala event!

I crawled out of bed with barely 5 minutes to go, donned the beautiful dress that Skye Qi had as a Saint Val's freebie... and made it for what was supposed to be the last three minutes!
Actually, the party was still humming when I arrived and it was so worth the effort.
The organisers.. and I am not sure who they all were but I know that Gramma, Bev and Zi all played a part, had done a great job.

I got there just in time for the best dressed competition but feeling a bit poorly, I thought it would more fun to watch than to compete. Everyone looked fantastic.. but I guess I appreciate the effort that the guys put in. Getting dressed up in a pretty dress doesn't need rewarding!

On the floor is Brace- in a faint after hearing that she and Welly had won the best Dressed.
P.S And Visciouspen, centre with hearts balloons, can second in the men's category.

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