Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Day

Oh dear.
I have been in SL for a lot of hours today!
Started the morning with Lukos who was keen to get the temporary rezzer working. Blood sweat and tears... and after some thinking, we have a successful rezzer! ("We" in the so far as he made it and it lives in my house!). I was an observer only and almost out of depth at that! It lets my mouse carriage, with its 105 prims sit out being projected, so to speak, by a single prim. Aley has told me not to trust the rezzer. Apparently with no warning, it can break and fill the house with mice. Interesting!! I am not sure how bad that would be. Would be staggeringly funny I think. But then Grandma Bates warned that she has been called in to deal with sever script failures.. so maybe I don't want to go there after all.

Having accomplished that, Lukos was keen to deal with the next project. Build a deck (as I call it). The deck was built and we sat on it to admire. Although we posed for photos, I have used the ones that show the deck after a lick of paint.

Then I met neighbour, Bromo who mentioned the possibility of an island party. Yes please! Bromo appeared at first in a fearsome costume for a Dune role playing sim. A quick change, and suddenly I had a regular av in my lounge room.

Sarinah dropped by to chat and Lukos got steadily more and more tired. After all it was heading towards dawn in his neck of the woods.
Finally he went to sleep after getting me to promise to fix the clock and make a chair for the porch (as he calls it). Slave driver.

The chair was made, without much fuss and here I am sitting on it.
The clock took a bit more time. So I took my pendulum parts and headed to NCI, Kuula.

Rowan had started a disco and I was just in the mood so while the body got down, the brain got stuck into the pendulum. Results! I had a pendulum that swung and some disco photos to blog! Seen in various poses are Welli, Rowan, Bev, me and Visciouspen.
That would count as enough for a day, but wait there's more!
I got home, installed the pendulum and thought to myself.. needs to tick. Quick search and a vendor was located. And as well as a tick-tock sound, the vendor had chimes. I flew back home and it's all installed. So now the clock tocks, ticks, swings and dings! Nice!

Then Xavier announced himself back after his holiday so I pootled over to NCI for a chat, ran into more of my favorite people as Aley and Grandma Bates were there too.
Really nice day with great people... but just look at the time on that clock!!!!!!

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