Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping up with events!

I have so many photos of the doings that I am starting to fall behind in my blogging!
First something that excites me more than the book reading Lukos took me to...
I have been asked to host a display in Aurofil land. Aurofil is a thread company that has a Second Life presence.

AlexVeronellie Auer has set up a huge display of threads and crafts and has asked representatives from the SL community to set up a display in the adjoining complex.
So I have set up a little display of quilts in my area. Alex has set me up with boards to direct people from SL to the Blogs for RL.

I got myself to NCI in time for the Newbies Show and Tell. Mr Randt's fading staircase was a knock out of ingenuity but the winner, for home comforts was Lorimae's lounge setting.

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