Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parade at Caledon

I am hopeless with dates in RL. The confusion that is added by SL running 19 hours behind Ozzie Eastern Summer, makes it even harder for me to figure when I am missing something!
Today I got lucky and was on line to be reminded to attend the float parade at Caledon. The 72 people in the sim with floats gave lag a whole new meaning.

Magnificent turn out that my photos do not do justice to!
You can see me in the foreground with gift hat and flag... no actually the flag is buried in my skirt.. but I did have one!

Well done everyone and thanks for the entertainment!


PatZ said...

i've heard parades in real life are actually not lame you know.

Cathy Stevenson said...

Parades in RL are actually quite excellent... Not so common or easily accessible.. but excellent none the less. Isn't it wonderful to have both?