Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caledon Glengarry

Wow! I woke up just in time to see the brand new Caledon Glengarry. When I first TPed in, there was a sunken depression, below sea level. A grid marked with a texture indicating the shape appeared and then I ran off to get breakfast. I left Lukos to supervise the Guvnah with the new installation. By the time I returned an enormous sculpty hill covered the island and was looking very dramatic and rugged. This more finished looking island evolved from that.
Later Lukos took me on Muttenchop's sandwich plane for a flight over the finished form. Sandwich flying is fun.
I popped back this morning and so far only one person has moved in, even thought the entire island was pre-booked. Maybe it takes a while for all the buying and renting to sort?
Completely different subject:
AM Radio!
I have read a few blogs about AM Radio's builds so I went to have a look myself. Not as big as I expected but still lovely. I am no wordsmith, so lovely is pretty much all I am good for, but it was more than that. Serene and golden.
I approached the cabin of the train and within there was a pencil poised to write. One click and I was transfixed by a shaft of light above the train.
A religious moment, almost


aykayem said...

wow ... that all looks so much fun ... and so confusing for one who has not logged in and been there yet - lol
- I will get there eventually - just need to have a bit more spare time to do it any justice - right now I have been busy in my "1st life" and I also have a whole pile of quilty/crafty stuff I want/need to get done ... but I can't wait until I have time to come and check out your world!
btw ... I was going to tag the 1st life you, but someone beat me to it ... so I have tagged you here! LOL
(I won't be offended if you don't have time to carry it on - it took me 3 weeks between when I got tagged and when I posted about it/tagged people!)
My post (with details) is here -
Aykayem Weatherwax
(if I still exist, after signing up a few months ago and then never logging in yet!)

Cathy Stevenson said...

OH Aykayem, you have to stop talking about it and just do it! Jump in for half and hour and stay forever!
7 unusual things about Auds is going to be a bit of a stretch though!! She is a very usual girl.