Thursday, March 20, 2008

The nature of things......

Unlike those who came to SL for parties (sex balls! o.o) or to make money or to script or to further their gaming life, I came to SL to play with people. Chat. Talk and be involved in other lives.

Lately I have said, maybe too often, that I love reading profiles. I love to know what people want you to know. And I find it fascinating what people don't want you to know. I regularly check people's profiles to see if they have been updated too. I alter as little as a single word in mine sometimes. Just to change a nuance if I feel something has had a subtle shift. And I watch for those kinds of changes in the people around me.

So I am loving meeting and getting to know people in SL.

While I even enjoy watching people I don't much like, it has been enormously satisfying building up a list of people who I really do like and a subset of those who are now my friends. Real friends and not just names on my "Friends List".

Some points on relationships in SL and me:
  • People in Real Life don't understand SL relationships
  • I don't "get" marriage in SL
  • I can't make relationships in SL fit the mould of RL relationships
So if I say.. one of my friends is furry and wears a nappy, I am expecting there to be consternation in RL. I don't expect that they will get it and please don't tell my mum!

Now, on marriage in SL. I just don't understand. What is it?
A promise of ...
a commitment to....
an acknowledgment of......
Maybe it isn't one thing for everyone. And perhaps that is why I don't understand it because there isn't an across the board definition to apply. From my perspective, with lots of years of real life marriage under my belt, I don't see a place for marriage for me in SL. Not using any of my RL definitions anyway. I guess having been married so long in one life, I am really enjoying being myself in this SL. But maybe I am just bringing too much RL to this?

And trying to fit some of the relationships in SL into one of the familiar boxes of rl has really caused me a lot of bother. So in a flying leap of faith, I have stopped trying!
Here is Lukos... he is my friend...the sort that doesn't fit into any kind of box I came into SL armed with but worth so much!

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