Monday, March 3, 2008

Building Blitz

I just love the Blitz.
There are no two ways about it.
The saddest thing though is that I miss the beginning of it now unless there is some other kind of disturbance in the scheme of life. Last week as I had a cold, I was at home and ready to build. It really was a very fun afternoon.
The theme was "Movies" as it was Oscar time.
I was stumped. As usual I called on my brains trust.. the kids.. and was instructed to build Nemo. Seemed as good an idea as any other.
All around me there was much activity and I had not time to appreciate the marvelous things that were being summoned from the ether.
Finally time was up! I linked the last shreds of seaweed and I had hit the ceiling of 40 prims, the maximum allowed in the NCI building Blitz. I had put a script into the watery screen and the seaweed was made of flexi cylinders so they moved around in the SL breeze.
Probably not my best build but really just plain and simple fun! There was then the tense pause while voting takes place, the inevitable break as Heiko comes back from a crash and then the winners were announced. I came second to Rowans hilarious damsel in distress scene.
Once the show was over, there was still more fun as everyone explored the builds and played in them. It is possible to forget that this the grownups grid :)

Here are Visciouspen, myself watching the nautilus chat with Nemo and Lorimae. Lukos is sitting on Nemo. Was it Sal in the shell?

You can see Visciouspen's Mutten TV behind Nemo and Lorimae's Alice scene to the left, and the Titanic to the right.In front is Sodovan acting villainously while Rowan is tied to her railway line.
After that, there was a significant amount of role play as various became ensnared with those fateful tracks.
First Lukos.. attacked by many small girls and a rodent....
then it is Mutten's turn. Viscious, dressed to save, seems casually indifferent to Mutten's plight.

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