Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday Fun and Games

Another day spent largely at NCI, Kuula. I sat down to bemoan my lack of luck finding a suitable texture for a building I had planned and Muttenchops suggested I make the textures myself. Pathetically I admit that the technology and skills did not have existence at my domicile so Mutten offered to do it for me. While distracted from the goings on in Kuula, Mutten was unaware that Eric was taking liberties. Despite my protestations, Eric fancied Mutten up with a very fetching costume.
Mutten made me some very pretty fretwork and I thank him.... especially under the circumstances!!!
I ducked in and out of Kuula a few times and next time through a box of fireworks were being let off. Some crazy person... Punky?... figured you could ride the rockets. Well you would, wouldn't you? So we did!
Up...... up.....up!!!!

Down... down... down!!
Great view!
(That's me in the midst of the fireworks!)
SL doesn't give me this sort of accuracy, but allows it to itself! It deposited me and Theo on top of the arch over the main stage.
Knowing how bad I am at maneuvering, I knew that was going to be my one and only arrival at that point and so I lingered a while to be joined by Corcosman, Mutten, and Visciuspen.
I don't know why I find occasions like this so funny, but I do. My second childhood!
My last activity for the day was to join the Blitz! You know, I have talked about it so many times before.. some old... 40 prims, 40 minutes of building to a theme. Theme was spring. Having made a quilt in real life called seasons and the whole theme being birdies, I figured to stick with what I knew. I came third and Immy won with a giant spring! I think my family of birds are wayyy cute. But I did have to do a bit of trimming on the tree to get it back under 40 prims!

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