Friday, March 21, 2008


Have you seen tagging before? Basically it's a chain letter.. some one hits you and you are supposed to pass it on to seven more after first revealing 7 unusual facts about yourself.... My RL self got tagged not so long ago and I dealt with it well enough but now my SL has been tagged and I am not at all sure that I have 7 things that could (or maybe should) be revealed!

Ok.... where to start?
1. Audrey loves crowds. This is a whole new experience as in RL I have hearing difficulties and crowd are not an option. Parties in RL are not fun. So Audrey loves having these opportunities. The only downside is that I am actually quite unused to them and can get a little lost. Still having fun, but calmly rather than ecstatically,
2. Audrey acts dumb. I don't know why. Underneath she is pure cunning but meanwhile we have to survive some really witless moments. Sometimes I am going to be seething mad when I get treated like an idiot. But knowing the completely stupid things that I get myself into, I understand why people think I am clueless.
3. Did you know that prim conscious building comes with land ownership. Once I couldn't have cared less about the number of prims in a build. Now however I am running out of spare prims and I have to face the harsh reality of economy.
4. Clutching at straws...I played Muse music behind SL everyday for a month so that now I can't double click the SL icon without singing Super Massive black Hole.
5. My motto is that I would rather have something crummy I built myself than use something made by some one else. Pigheaded, but that's just the way it is. Sorry!
6. I am afraid of scultpies.
7. I know how to say goodnight in Welsh and Indonesian- handy or what! So I am ready for multicultural second life. I have met one welshman but no Indonesians. I am wondering often why SL is over run with anglo-saxons. Being one myself, I look for variety in others.

OK... Lukos, you are tagged..... and anyone else, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Leave a comment so I know which blogs to go and read!

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