Monday, March 24, 2008

Neck Deep in IMs

You know when you first join SL you pass a lot of people doing nothing. You wonder to yourself "are they off getting a cup of tea?"
Most likely not.
Most likely they are neck deep in IMs.
You've been in SL a little while? You know what I mean. Today at Kuula Eric cried out that he had 12 windows open - so I know it isn't just me.
And the more windows I have open the more likely I am to type in the wrong one!
The stress is building...

Remember earlier I told you I don't do parties in RL? Well it means that up to now, I have pretty much dealt with one on one situations... or very small groups. So this mass of windows is taking me some where I haven't gone before and I fear today I stuffed it up.

Overwhelmed and terse I was. Oh dear. And IMing isn't the best form of communication anyway. Audrey waits for the next time to see which friendships have survived!


aykayem said...

... that sounds just like the old SCQ ICQ chat on one of those nights that killed it - the times when there were 3 people in my chat, 2 different ones in yours, one each of those, and one or 2 other ones in with Bundy or Grasshopper, and 4 more who couldn't get in to anybody's because 2 had firewalls set up the "wrong" way and 3 were trying to use ICQ Lite ... and I know that doesn't all add up ... things like that never did - LOL

Cathy Stevenson said...

LOL.. I was just chatting in SL about the old ICQ days..... I used to miss them... but not since SL.Wouldn't look back except to reminis. Oh boy did I have troubles being one of the two macs!Every fairwall hated me!