Thursday, May 15, 2008

My name is Audrey and I am a Builder

Two things in SL have me hooked. Company and building. Ozzie evenings are the wee small hours in the US so there are evenings where the company in Sl dries up completely. And then I have to build or wander hopeless.
Currently the land and prims at Laudanum are all but used up. The rescue package came with the announcement from Guvnah Des that Saint Kitt islands were open for play. Hiding at the back on the island, building against the steep hill and at the waters egde, I built a little villa.
I have sat in this seaside villa and gazed out to sea.
Watching... waiting.....

The problem remains however! I have two small blocks in Laudanum and two small blocks in Wyre and I dont have one large wallet of prims to build with. So I did something a bit sad today and bought a larger block in Laudanum. It means I need to give up either Wyre or the Pavilion at Laudanum. And I just cant decide. I cant!! If I keep Wyre.. then my prims are split between to sims. But I have my little beauty and the escape. If I keep the pavilion I keep all the prims together. However there is no retreat and the pavilion is a primmy little princess. She has already absorbed half the allotment.
Upsides on the new block?? Neighbours! Laudanum has most of my favourite people in or around it! I willl be able to keep an eye on Xaviers bowl of water and make sure it is fresh.
Eleanor and I figure on hurling watermelons at each other's homes!
And I hear that June Wozniak thinks we could call the island Widow's Peak! Very amusing indeed! I prefer to find a few more gentlemen and call it Widow's Peek!
I have so much enjoyed running into Star, and Wildstar.
And within easy flying distance though through two sim crossings..... Wil!

I need help.. I cant decide!

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