Thursday, May 22, 2008


Some days in SL are hilarious and others less so. Yesterday was hilarious and I particularly enjoyed chatting with Slipperfetcher Voom for whom I made a hand bell and a peacock feather fan!
He has found himself in the role of manservant to the widows of Caledon. Lovely fellow it seems. He swept out the pavilion, scrubbed the floor as well as dusted the sills of the belfry.

Today was less exciting so I have busied myself with various distractions. I was going to put an animation in the bath I have installed but couldn't make up my mind... so instead I went and bought a dress for my tiny. It matches the one that I often wear.

After that I made a coffee machine. chatted with Xavier, visited NCI, hunted for textures and finally went and bought chairs from Tryst.

yes I could make them.... but the poses..Nice poses that I cant do. And I don't know why, but the poses that worked in my chairs the other day are starting to break down. :(( So I am lashing out hoping that i will have safe chairs for my guests.
Anyway! I have new chairs and I like them. And I always enjoy and excuse to go hunting at Tryst anyway.

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