Sunday, May 18, 2008

The New Home

The new home is in place!
I have to admit that having put the small cottage there from my building at Saint Kitt, I was reluctant to build another house. The little cottage was so sweet. And its big bay window let me sit looking out to the sea and sunset in the most pretty surrounds.
To avoid getting stuck into the new home, I wasted time building a rooster. 32 prims of rooster! Then of course I could start building the house..... or... build a hen! 35 prims of hen!

I guess I could have gone on and built a farm yard of animals except I received a note card from my neighbour, Eleanor saying that she expected to see a finished house on her return to Laudanum on Sunday.
So I had to get stuck into it!
Luckily for me there has been some kind of 'thing' going on with mega prims. Suddenly we are awash with them because the Lindens let a loop hole open for the creation of them. A small window of opportunity that a few keen people took advantage of.
So I hauled out the mega prims and got stuck into it.

Sitting on a balsa wood box at 700m above my block I set out the basic shape on Saturday. Sunday then became finishing day. Changing some bits, improving fits and so on. Rough textures added, then aligned and then by about 3pm it was ready to drop in place.
I took a big gulp and deleted the little cottage.....byeeeeee.... sniff.......

And installed the new house!
The new house is.....quite satisfying! I used the cottage's bay window idea and put one at each side of the front door. Its size better suits the surrounding buildings which quite dwarfed the cottage. The ceiling height is better than the cottage though I am still finding the camera a bit batty.
I also used the front steps idea from the St Kitts' cottage though they had to swing around a bit to get them to fit into the space.
Sitting room at midday
Rather than have stairs to the second floor, which use up a lot of space, I have instead put in a circular ramp. I think I will add in a teleport because the ramp is annoying.
Before I added the front doors, stairs and flags to the roof, the house was only 30 prims which is magnificently economical. Even with 70 prims worth of chickens out I still have 200 prims left to finish the house off.

Sitting room at Sunset
The final view from the air shows Eleanor's Abbey behind my house as well as the block I missed out on. Now I am telling myself that it was all for the best!
Jobs still to do.... add lights, keep an eye out for floor textures, make furniture, install a bath, decorate in general......I have already changed the wallpaper since I took these photos!

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