Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pool Party!

It's hot work building a new house! I had been completely in the building 'zone' constructing a new home for myself in Laudanum. In fact I forgot to eat lunch.. and breakfast too! So when Sandplum sent me an IM to come to Kuula for a pool party, I jumped at the chance to take a break!
What I was greeted by though was not quite what I expected.

The regulars were lined up in wading pools!
Making an incomplete list because of an unreliable memory, there was Muttenchops, Caillagh, Sandplum, Lumine and Theo. Light and Viz were watching as were a few others.
I flew up into the air to hop into my swimming togs ( Ozzie for bathers...) and then dropped down into the pool.

Theo provided us all with hats and drinks and we were all set to laze in the sun. After I took the photos there was a little swapping around of pool sitters and we were joined by Xavier amongst others.
Silly things were said and much mucking around!
(insert picture of Theo here)

What lovely lazy sunny days you can have on the first cold weekend for this neck of the woods!

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