Monday, May 12, 2008

Compliments duel of Sir JJ Drinkwater and Colonel Exrex Somme

There was word from Lukos that he was about to reappear in SL after going missing for a month so I got up early today to see if I could find him. No such luck!
But a morning is not to be wasted!
I got into my nicest Caledon skirt and made my way to the Compliments Duel! (The nicest not because of any other reason except that it behaves when I sit. On the other hand... it is appalling when I lie on my back! I look like a sea anemone!)
The duel was great! And the crowd thick! The event was launched with a heart wrenching song for Caledon and many hankies were dabbed to emotional eyes.
I was forced to leave just short of the end but have been told it was finally won by Sir JJ. When I left I was quite uncertain what the outcome would be, so close was the contest! So there should be, and no doubt were, bravos all round!

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