Sunday, June 1, 2008

En Guard and Playing at Sanctum Sanctorum

Happy days in SL!

The baron is rebuilding and I have already shown you other bits. This week Wil and I had a brief play there.
This place is like hell after the devil moved out! The above picture is a coffin with me inside!

My neighbour, Eleanor Anderton has installed a game of En Guard! We are hoping to establish a Winterfell team and are currently looking for a name.
Here is Eleanor-formidable foe!

I have no idea what the rules are.. but it is a lot of fun, a bit tense and I am not so good at it. But I can enjoy it none the less!

Audrey-looking the part, even if not skilled
Suspect that if I can find willing players I could become far more addicted to it than mushroom hunting!

Eleanor seems to have natural skills and I fell on her sword constantly until she crashed!

Occasionally I managed to deal with this vixen with a parry... but mostly it was death for me!
However I figure the best course of action is to never read the rules and continue to have an excuse. The moment I read the rules I am going to be undone. No more excuses!


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Congratulations on the new move. And sorry to hear that Harbourside caused so many problems.

Audrey said...

Ahh! It is all good! A bit of twittering amongst the Caledon Widows and two satisfied Primcesses!