Sunday, June 8, 2008

Parties and Dancing

I spend a lot of time dancing in SL.
Here is a picture of Eleanor and I dancing at Kate's rez day party. Eleanor is high kicking to the left and I am dashing in red slightly off centre to the right.
Floating above the party is Hostpur's vessel. The floor is textured with cogs that moved enough to make us quite motion sick. LOL
SlL parties are not like RL parties ever!

Sometimes a sl party can be little fun ... if a particular crowd does voice chat... or stay chatting in IMs with their particular friends, it can be a bit dull. Other times it can be a riot of laughter.
If it is dull, I can leave myself dancing and listen to the music while catching up with things like this blog.

Today I ran past three dances. The annual holiday in Wyre was on today. but too early for me to get there really so I dropped to say 'hi' then flew off after a quick change to the pirate dance for RFL in Caledon. Danced there for a while and shot off via another change of clothes to New Toulouse. When that finished, I flew back to Caledon....

Social butterfly.... or angel.....

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