Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great Change. Sadness and Happiness

There have been disturbances in the ether. Recently across from Laudanum, a new business was built. A Naughty Bits business. Complete with a rounded Gothic breast shaped building topped with a full bright nipple. The widows of Laudanum are not amused. The add in the search suggested it was a good location for free sex. You can imagine the crowd we were expecting.

But then fresh news came to hand.....
It happened on Wednesday evening... rumour that land was changing hands. Suddenly there were two large tracts of land available . Winterfell Harbour, a whole open space sim (home of the nasty naughty bits) and Winterfell Fathom, a half sim were available. The nipple was leaving and there were decisions to make.
I clearly can not afford a whole one and really did not think I could afford the half one. Eleanor was making all the noises of a sorely tempted prim princess and I thought it was a pretty much done deal that Harbour had a new and much better mistress.
Meanwhile Fathom beckoned.
I sent Miss Serra a note card asking for details and then waited and tried not to think about it.

Friday I got a reply. It was going to cost me less than $2 a day.......ohhhhh how can you say no to half an island of prims.....
So the rest of Friday was happy and sad. Mostly sad though as I had a lot of coffee and a lot of packing to do and by the end of the day, I was in a very strange caffeinated place!

Goodbye to Isle of Aud.
Not as terribly sad as it might have been. Otenth asked if he could keep the light house. I am flattered and happy. A little less heart break about leaving my island if it is doesn't have to lose its house too.
Goodbye to the Garden
The garden is still pretty but the new sim across has stolen the sunset so it was less tearful than it would have been.
Goodbye to the Pavilion
I spent so much time building this.. More time than anything else I have made. I am happy enough but it doesn't really show how much time went into it. Once I built Nettlewood, I didn't need the pavilion any more. And Nettlewood came close to being just what I wanted.
Goodbye to Nettlewood Laudanum
Nettlewood... Lukos says it is better than he thought I could make. Hmmm take that anyway you want!! I am always suspicious when people admire your wall paper. But that aside, I love Nettlewood so it must come with me........

Welcome to Winterfell Fathom, Smuggler's Top.
In my whole state of whelmed of the over variety, I forgot to take photos for 'before and after' so this is it as it currently appears- 'during'.

To the right of the photo you can see the bridge that Wil has installed to continue the road that passes through Winterfell Undertow. As it passes into Fathom the incline increases and I have spent some hours devising stairs to negotiate the steep hillside that Nettlewood now finds itself on.

Isn't it beautiful?
When I first bought the land it was so bare and barren and steep. I was completely at a loss to imagine where I was headed. Friday night I actually ran off and did the blitz at NCI as I just couldn't get my head to work at Fathom.
It must have worked as things are starting in grow now in my mind. I have planted a lot of trees. That is really making a huge difference to the ambiance of the place.
I have put up the light house in its own nook though it needs more work to make it look like it belongs there. Early days.
I really don't want it all 'done" as I will then want to move again! ;)
And here is what it is all about in SL for me........ I had the pleasure of a visit from Eleanor and Xavier and even Lukos at one point. Sitting at the new house enjoying the outlook. With friends...

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Eleanor Anderton said...

Dear Audrey, I am so jealous. You have settled in your new place while my stuff is still in crates. It is looking good, dear!