Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress Report!

Building goes on. I am having a fabulous time.. did you know?
I still have a heap of prims up my sleeve... 1199 anyway... and going fast....
But I am having so much fun using them.

Last week I worked on Smugglers' Point. The smugglers of Fathom are not that bright and are using a shed under a light house.... Dear CheeseWeasel is working on a script so that at a touch a barrel I have sculpted will fall over and roll away from the door to their stash.
Two boats are currently docked at the wharf. I think it needs more clutter.. but then... more prims go..

Before I left Wyre, I had been working on a chapel for my garden block. The chapel is all but finished now and has been placed on the South West corner of Fathom. The chapel is called Saint Paula's.
Recently there has been a lot of worry amongst the men... well pretty much just Wil actually....that the widows are killing off their husbands in Caledon. To prepare for any further untimely deaths, I have built a graveyard next to the chapel. I hope Wil is comforted by my care for his future accommodation.


Corcosman said...

"The smugglers of Fathom are not that bright"

That might be a clever bit of acting on their part, Audrey. They could have a secret entrance at the back of the shed leading to the cave where they keep the real loot.

Audrey said...

as a matter of fact......