Monday, June 16, 2008

Caledon's Second Life 5th Birthday Display

Before I bought land anywhere, I had fallen in love with Caledon. Caledon is a collection of sims based on a Victorian theme. At the time I couldn't find any land to buy, but I joined the group and have been involved in the chatter and social side of Caledon ever since.
Recently a message went out through the groups that builders were being sought to help build a display at the celebration grounds for the Second Life 5th Birthday.
Naturally I had my hand waving high. Being relatively new... to both Caledon and SL, I expected to be told to stand in the corner and rez some cubes. I didn't expect to being doing anything much. When asked to send in a list of skills, I said I was a jack of all trades and master of none.

Next, I got a notecard showing the allocated areas and I had been allocated the "Caldeon Residential Street". Other were to work on the square, others landscaping.
I flew to the site... and was blown away to find 8 spaces laid out for the street. Seriously?? I couldn't possibly have been given the job of building 8 houses....
Yes, indeed! 8 houses, 10 x 10m, no taller than 15m, varied to represent the diversity of homes in Caledon.

OK.. I will be frank. I was overjoyed. How much fun could I possibly have? I built a platform above Fathom and started building with passion.
I built like a lunatic for 3 days. And by the end of the weekend I had 8 houses. there are still a few tweaks I can do but they are essentially done. In fact, I built number 9 today.

It has been so much fun!

One of the builds was a miniature version of my Wyre light house. I put it at the edge of the display... because I wasn't so sure it belonged in a Caledon, but I got asked to move it to the centre as it was liked so much.
I am thrilled that the houses are acceptable!

And how exciting to see them in a big thing like the bday celebration!
The rest of the Caledon build is not complete yet as not everyone has the same slabs of time available as I do.. or the building mania.....

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Corcosman said...

It's great to see them in place with a photo of the Caledon site "in progress".