Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caledon Merry Widows

Audry , me, in Jess hair and Wishbox dress.
Today we had a lovely time!

The widows had a progressive dinner. That means we spent half an hour at each of 5 homes as we worked our way through a Second Life meal.

I have to admit to enjoying myself too much and forgot to take photos.. so here is all I came up with.
It is so lovely to have a chance to be happy in the company of the Caledon Widows. We have all suffered so much with out great losses and the burdens of inherited fortunes.
Of course, when you are as respectable as we are, with good fortune to share, we decided to try our hand at philanthropy. To this end, there are plans for the widows to pose for a calendar for 2009. I have found myself as January!

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