Friday, March 5, 2010

Moving On

The sounds of water ... irresistable.

My dry land locked RL insists on SL water. Having sold off all my waters edge in Caledon I last only a handful of days before I decided that I needed a major reshuffle of all land.
All along, I have mixed my residential with my commercial but I think I will now sort that. I Have the tiny shops in Tintoriana and Raglan. I think I need a more commercial place for my houses and not simply a residential block.
While the Forest sim and my block there would have to be one of the prettiest places in SL, I cant use it for either commercial or residential as any residence must let me build and I can not build in the trees.
So then I had my eyes out for a tiny home and a biggee home and I have spied, and bought the next two most lovely blocks in Victoriana (IMHO).

The first was one I was drooling over a few nights ago when I figured I wouldn't buy it this time round but wait til it came free again. No will power. I imagined some one else living there and it didn't sit right. During winter I went skating on this pond at night. Absolutely stunning.
For the moment I have plonked Frankston Villa onto the block but now I have a good reason to build a new house that address the corner better. St Albans faces the road fine, but ignores the lovely rear view so it wouldn't do at all.

Look at the view from the lounge room!!!!

Even more stunning from outside. Littleblackduck Lindsay (Ducky or LBD) has designed the most wonderful sims.

The newest is Tintoriana and again I have grabbed a lovely block. This is where I have bought a block for tiny Auds. These photos are from last night before I got building.

More photos to come :) Not many prims here so furnishing was something of a trick. Think mats and paintings.


Wildstar said...

all very nice, Miss Auds !

Cathy and Audrey said...

Grins ...:) Thankyou Mr Wildstar :)