Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't want to do the maths. I spend a lot of my days waiting. Waiting bothers me. Gets right up my nose. If I worked out the percentage I suspect it would bother me a bit more.
To pass time, I build if SL is available.
When I don't have a project to take my attention, I get very bothered.
Right now, I wish I had a project as I am tired of being bothered.
I am thinking I might make an observatory. Not sure though as I am not up to the scripting for the telescope, up down and round.


Wildstar said...

they are looking for builders for the RFL, Miss Auds, if that might help to keep you busy.

You can inquire with Miss Serra

Fogwoman Gray said...

Fogwoman Gray sniffs the wind, detecting traces of unmined talent.
I will drop you a note when I am inworld :)