Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well... I didn't see that coming. I honestly didn't!
I went back in world to see if the afternoon's shocking news was still true and was told that the good citizens of Victoriana were packing up.
I am doing my best to be a good one, so I dutifully went about the business of packing my prims.
It is all done now. Finished. Over.
I want a sl home so I feel I belong there, but maybe this is time to reflect. Maybe now I simply don't belong. Not sure but perhaps what I needed SL for has passed?
I have had a quick wander round this afternoon looking for a primmy place for me to set up and build and I haven't found anything approaching charming.

Do I regret selling Southend? Absolutely. Do I want to go back there? Not really.
I am ready for what comes next.
I am not frightened of change.
I am not frightened of the future.
The past is wayyyyy more frightening :)

As I said when Fathom disappeared beneath the waves.. "Onward and forward"


Anonymous said...

Baron Wulfenbach shared LBD's decision with a number of other sim owners, in case we hadn't otherwise heard. What a shock. I do hope you'll come to rest in a place that's right for you. Do let me know if you'd like to move back to Orcadia. Wyre is no more, but Murdann has space. Giverny or Ville de Giverny may also have space in a more village-y style.

Wildstar said...

I do understand the frustration Miss Auds, and it is really a shame that such a lovely place as Victoriana is shutting down, but it a big SL, and you are part of it. I am sure you will find soon a place to call home

Cathy and Audrey said...

smiles.. My eyes lit up when I was reading the Steamlander and saw that you were advertising a piece of Murdann. ..

Fogwoman Gray said...

Fogwoman hands Audrey her hat and her pocketbook and bustles her onto a coach to Murdann...."just to look"