Monday, March 29, 2010

Very Happy

Rolls round tossing them in the air!

I landed in SL this afternoon and saw that Des was about and hoped that maybe my Tanglewood transfer was about to happen. Usually though he is drowning in IMs and requests, so rather than jumping on him with another request for attention, I gave a wave to ISC and wondered if I should get into some dress making while waiting for my tiger to stir or prepare a RL meal.
Next minute, Des says to ping him.
Ahah! I think he is ready for Tanglewood!
Nope, that notecard hasn't made it through .. instead he is looking at a couple I sent him about my prim lust and he has a couple of options for me!
He mentions a very delish quantity of prims in Caledon Downs. Downs is right next door to Southend and I have always had a soft spot for it. He TPed me over, and it was a done deal!

Next I send him a copy of the tanglewood notecard, we zip over there and it is all sorted!

Final step is to show the now awake tiger our new home!

I am happy. Really very happy!


Wildstar said...

I have always suspected a prim addiction since your days in Laudanum :)

Edward Pearse said...


Fogwoman Gray said...

Hooray! We southern girls need to stick together. Welcome home :)