Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Tiny New Home

I was talking to Edward Pearse tonight between my intervals of 5 minutely crashes... and mentioned that I feel a little like a dog on the end of a leash. The smaller prim allowance is a bit of a test for me.
Yesterday I set up my new home in Tinytoriana.
This morning I got a special notice to say that I was 10 prims over my limit... whoooops!
It is quite a challenge to furnish with 200 prims. The little house is three rooms and 55 prims. That's not exactly low prim, nor exactly over the top. So I am learning to pull my horns in a little.

I still have most of my prims at my biggee home so I have some where I can build a tiny skirt without having to retreat to the Victoriana Sandbox. Or a shoe with 120 stitches evenly spaced round the sole....
I should really put in a photo of the sandbox too as it has become my default home. I am spending quite a lot of time there and am very grateful to LBD for putting those prims at our service. I just lonely there, that's all. So I would rather build at ground level if I could.

The sandbox
In the sandbox I have three WIPs. The railway station is being made tiny, I am re-texturing the Morris House and it looks much better in stone than it did as a brick cottage. (Also textured in weatherboard as shown in my new tiny house)
Also working on the original Lidl Auds shop. Once it is is re-textured, I will get myself sorted, find a more commercial spot for my houses and it will be the store for my houses. I will probably put landmarks in there with directions to a couple of my other place so that people can see the sort of things I build.
It is a toss up you see. Who will buy a house without seeing it rezzed? Will they ever pay enough to pay for the prims it costs to have houses rezzing? A rezzing vendor would be ideal I guess. I think I need a firm hand top guide me through that one though. I have wasted plenty of SL hours trying to decide on which rezzer.

ohhhh I have garbled on and on and I am too tired to read what kind of aimless nonesense i have spouted.... off I go .. gooodnight :)

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