Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catherine Moppet

Ahhh I am going to have to stop blogging dresses.. or this is going to get repetitive.. but can I do one last one?
This picture shows the frame I have made to put it up for display in the Steelhead shop.
The dress is a Tudor Tiny. Catherine is her name after Aragon, Howard and Parr. My favourite bit of history reading as a teenager!


Eleanor Anderton said...

Waves!!!! I may have to finally cave and find a cute tiny avi. Love your dresses - especially the Tiny Tudor. Should I go looking for some Tiny Dance balls or machine for the RFL Ren Faire Dance on Saturday? Medieval roo's are invited :)

Cathy and Audrey said...

though consider getting one of the "look out below" signs so the biggees dont trample you in their dancing frenzy :)