Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did, doing and will do...

I promised that I wouldn't blog the dresses.... and will try hard not to post a picture.. but will quietly mentioned that a very Queenie Auds has been seen hopping around sl for the last few days and can be found on slexchange.

Having finished that outfit off and boxed it up, the question is what next?
Tonight I have just messed around. It has been a while since I went dress shopping and as I heard Miss Wunderlich talking in Steelhead, I thought I would revisit her shop. Seems to be something I do atthe end of project runs.

She is running a photo comp so to kill time I have played a long with a quick version of myself.

Then while talking with Taz we discovered a photo of the Bournville rest house. I think it will be what I do next! Cute, huh?

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