Monday, May 11, 2009

Building Building Building

I have been keeping myself busy .. extremely busy.
I have not at all been sure of what I am doing with the land at Steelhead. It seemed sort of sad that I was neglecting it.. so today I put together 2 thoughts.
Thought 1. I am enjoying making tiny dresses
Thought 2. What building should I build next? and
Thought 3. What to do with Steelhead....
Ahh three thoughts. Not two.
Oh well actually when it comes down to it I was actually thinking of a whole lot more as well. Tomorrow the results come back from Pathology. But that is another story completely!

I spent the afternoon building a shop to replace the light house in Steelhead. I regret taking the light house down as it is quite my favourite building. But the shop is bright and cheerful and open. I need a bit of that.

While building I talked with Eleanor and she gave me some clues on a name and I massaged it a little and I have now a business name for tiny things. My immediate plans are obviously Tiny Dresses. But I can imagine making a few bits of furniture and so on eventually.

Then I spent the evening making vendor boards. As the evening progressed I improved a little and if I totally run out of things to do I will go back and re-do the early evening ones. (So unlikely it is laughable to even suggest this :)

Anyway it was a good way to keep my mind busy and I am happy with the results. If you want to check out the work to date, here is the SLURL

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