Friday, May 22, 2009

Progress and Comparison

Yes there has been some!
Quite a lot actually!

I have found some textures that I will work with to finish this but so far, I think I am doing ok. With the two side by side for the first time, I can see a few differences. My veranda roof has less slope. That makes mine a little harder round the edges and less cuddly. However getting the slope, taper and outer edge the right combination of sizes is not easy, so I think I will leave well enough alone.
After I blogged the other Night I got an IM from Jorge Serapis who then sent me a Shape Gen.
This is a fantastic free tool. It lets you post in your radius, number of sides, thickness and height of walls and tilt... and then rezzes it for you. Works brilliantly but it does not in-fill the holes with it didn't work for the roof, though I did use it for the seats around the lower edge.
IM me if you want a copy. It is worth having.
RL calls.. I must away.. cant wait to finish texturing and build it a front door :)

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