Monday, May 4, 2009

Heading Home

I am at the airport in Brisbane, ready to head home!
I am soooo tired. I have mixed feelings about my trips away. Leaves me a bit short of Audrey talk!
I have been running a stall at a craft fair. During our nights of shared accommodation, I talked to my colleagues about my Second Life. Naturally they now think I am barking mad. I am only surprised it took til then. Shrugs!
Good thing about the blog though is that i could drag them to the site and give them at least a glimpse of what it was about. I was trying to explain the nature of customising appearances, so it turned out very handy that recently I blogged my skin shopping story :)
ahhh... well in a couple of hours I will be home and after some catch up sleep, back in my second home :)
See you there!

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