Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cutea Benelli

I have been enjoying having long legs beneath me again and today I have been strutting around in my super high heels. I even went so far as to add a few inches to my legs. Last count I was 6'9... before heels...
I got a call to NCI beach side to join in with the dancing. It was a lot of fun and so nice to be greeted. I have found it a bit lonesome lately in Caledon. Mr Cheeeeky set Theo and Caill and I all dancing to Thriller which was particularly funny as Theo was a cat-tailed sack of flour :)

I walked back into world in time to hear Caledon talking about Cutea. I mentioned how much I had enjoyed the Shamrock green outfit she made which I wore and wore and wore.
Next thing I know, she has sent me another to add to the wardrobe. I immediately popped it on and strutted about admiring it. I sent back to Cutea one of the Moppet outfits. Coco as she is one of my favourites.
Very nice!
I have taken a couple of photos of me walking around the Moppet shop then went inside to sit down and do some moppet stuff
When I sat down on my sofa, out from under the voluminous skirts pops gorgeous shoes!

Whit Woo!
(aka wolf whistle)

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