Monday, July 6, 2009

Competioning again

Ahhh it has been a long time since I had a weekend off work. But I am on holidays! So I have been able to go to both the Building Blitz and the Oldies Show and Tell at NCI Caledon.
On Sunday I got to Building Blitz.. the theme was Blizzard. Not really something an urban ozzie has a lot of experience I pulled the word apart, put it together again... There were some lovely builds there.. I loved what won, which was a snow dome. And I came third! Nice! I guess because it was a bit silly rather than a wonderful build.
What do you get when Ms Lizard and Mr Bee get together and have babies?
Then today I happened to catch show and tell. I have sort of lost track of when things are on as I haven't had a chance to get to any of my old usuals... so it was a bit of a fluke. I wasn't sure if the lag in Caledon's Oxbridge was going to let me get dressed into the steampunk out fit or not, so I just stayed in my new Daisy gear. Complete with 96 prim shoes!
I told as much as I showed... no surprise there I guess! I told them how I am enjoying building clothes as I don't have to worry about the prim count.
If I am working some where and the available prims are low, depending on what i am doing, I chose to wear the prims rather than build them on the ground and then wear them after it is all said and done. The shoes I did a little both ways. It is a real nuisance to make a pair of shoes that fit perfectly when not worn, then not quite being able to find exactly the right rotation etc to get them to fit once they are worn. That bothers me a lot.
But as well, when I build a house, I can't always put it out on show as I would have to pull down one of the others. Dress building I get to wear the newest creation and naturally when it is time for something new, I am happy to take off the old :) Tiny Auds, who originally was the poor sister to big Auds in the wardrobe department, is swiftly building a large collection of frocks.
There were some really good builds at show and tell. The ranking though always leaves me a little.. distressed and this time not on my account. I came.....

Third! Again!

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