Monday, July 20, 2009

Seling Pirate Dresses

I am happy as a clam. The pirate month for Raglan has arrived and I have had a lovely time building pirate wench outfits. We are allowed to have 5 prims worth of sales in the cave in Raglan.. so I made 5 dresses.. naturally. Now I have finished the 6th so it is time to scratch my head :)
Is it time to master vendor boards. I think yes, but I have always been a complete coward about this.
A little excitement!
Instead of me just being excited that I am making things, there is a little excitement because people are buying things too!
Teal Freenote bought one of my dresses AND!
She appears in it in the pirate poster that is around Raglan. She coloured it from the emerald of Esmerelda to blue... teal? :)

1 comment:

Wildstar said...

They look cool ! Congrats !
Any male stuff ?
My tiny lion needs a new wardrobe ? :D