Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Relay For Life

Relay for Life is something that is a relatively big thing in Second Life. Not sure about across the whole grid, as I seldom venture far from Caledon, but certainly it is a big thing in the circles that I move in. It is a massive effort thrown behind fund raising for Cancer and also raising awareness. First there is fund raising within certain groups. Caledon has vendors selling donated goods. In previous years there were also a lot of functions. Then there are the sims built to for the actual relay. A place full of wonderful visions within SL to honour the families affected by cancer. There are lots of vendors set up here too to raise money. Then there is the relay itself with avatars trekking the course.
Last year the money seemed to have the major focus. This year was a lower key affair due to the whole economic thing.
I have not had a lot to do with it. Not by design. I started out with good intentions, knowing that later I might find it more difficult to do much.
At the beginning there was a call out for donations. I set to and built a
summer house just for the occasion. To be put in a vendor and sold with funds to go to the cause. For reasons I have no insight into, my summer house never saw the light of day. No idea why. Too embarrassed to ask.

But, it's not about egos but about cancer.
At the moment my uncle is dying from it. Horrible to say, but he has been dying for a year now. We thought it would be any day now, and it may, but last I heard he seemed to be rallying. Such a cruel thing, this disease. So I walked some of the Relay track, and I lit a couple of candles for him.

It happened that the where I found an unlit lamp was just outside a place Wrath had been building for the relay. I took a few photos.. but had my huds and stuff in the photos which was a stupid oversight and not worth putting those picks up Hopefully a lesson learnt! Above shows one of the lamps I lit and below Wrath's build. I met up with Mr Whybrow and Miss Garnet there and had a bit of a chat. I could see that some where high above me, Mr Wrath was sitting amongst his creations :)


Kira said...

Actually, the house not going up for sale was a complete accident and totally my fault. I put it into a vendor, I *thought* I put it out on the Loch Avie boardwalk. I had quite a few of them that I put out get lost or returned to me at various different points, but I had thought I set yours out. I'm so so sorry for the oversight and the mistake, but it totally wasn't you- your house was fantastic.

I'm so sorry.


Cathy and Audrey said...

ahhhhh :) thanks Kira :)sits a feels a bit silly about not asking now :)