Friday, July 24, 2009

Forgetting who I am

This title really says a lot lot more than I have time to write about. I am heading out into RL in a short time so i will just leave the heading there as a teaser.. something I might write more about later. For the time being, I will say briefly.... I have spent a lot of time lately as a tiny, building manically... and I have had little social interaction at all. It has been not such a great time for sl and me. Last night I hopped into big Auds, chatted with Cheeseweasel and Xavier. Today I went shopping and bought a very Audrey outfit.

Now I am feeling a bit more like myself Hah!! The outfit is by *KC*. There is a store near Raglan as a matter of fact and I stumbled in there quite by accident, discovering a shop I had often been to but only by TPing in and out and never by wandering in via the front door.

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