Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream T Flyer

I am spending more and more time around Raglan. And as I mentioned they are about to have a month of Pirate fun. Part of it will be a treasure hunt and Rizzo was looking for treasure to put in the hidden chests. Not sure if what I am coming up with is treasure, but I have been building :) Ages and ages and ages ago, I went to a building class in raglan. The only one I ever did there and it was how to make a skidoo. So making the Dream T was just really about decorating that build from long ago. Trick was...only 32 prims allowed before it refused to fly. Naturally I found that out after I had added a lot more than 32 prims to the three prim-scooter I started with.

*rolls eyes and sighs*

But of course I loved building it!
And had a little help by way of a tiger skin steering wheel! Thanks taz, how would I manage without you?

Flies like a little beaut too though it wont go very high.

No nosebleeds for the kitty.

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