Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forgetting who I am

Part 2
A few times in life I have arrived at a chance to reinvent myself. Fix things that I didn't like and start in a new place.
Changing schools when I was young, moving house and cities and jobs when I was older.
Sometimes I don't think I changed very much at all. And later felt a bit of disappointment that an opportunity had been missed.
Essentially when I was younger I was a lot more conservative.
And so I arrive in SL, a bit older, a little less conservative. It has been a chance to investigate other 'me's.
So the questions are..
Who am I really?
Who do I want to be?
Am I loosing me or finding me?
I am personally very fond of Audrey. I like her a lot. I prefer her. But it isn't nearly so easy being her. It has brought a sizable quantity of issues within and out of sl.

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