Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Raglan is gearing up for some pirating times!
Find your pirate name!
I have been making pirate wench costumes and needed some pirating names. Audrey Fotherington becomes "Black Lizzie" so that is one of the sets name now:)

Besides the usual dress obsessing, i have been doing a bit of real estate wrangling. Mr Alastair brought it to my attention that Miss Garnet Psaltery might be interested in some land in Southend.
It has been worrying me for a while that my land hunger was starting to add up to a reasonable sized bill, and the house sales I was having a while back have dropped off once more.
So it seemed like a good idea to let Miss Psaltery have a little slice of Southend.

Things happen so swiftly.

In no time at all, the railway station was packed up, gone for the foreseeable future. A shame in a way, but that is the mercurial quality of content in SL.
And this time the dismantling of one of my homes was not nearly as distressing as the last, when I had to leave Winterfell. It was very nice to be part of a happy story!
Welcome Miss Garnet!

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