Saturday, November 20, 2010

Half a tablet later...

Ok.. so I took it.. (the pill as mentioned earlier)
turns out it isn't a silver bullet. It hasn't frightened the spooks out of my head. I don't feel any change yet and apparently that is to be expected. Up to 6 weeks the pharmacist told me it could take before I feel the effects.
There is no way I will be able to pretend to RL that I am hunkey dorey for that long

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Fogwoman Gray said...

Some years ago when I was in nursing school, I went on antidepressants myself. Some personal tragedies combined with the stress of the nursing program were just too much. So after about a week I began to feel better - side effects were dry mouth and sleeping more initially. Worst problem I had while taking them was overanalyzing when I was feeling good :)
What the pills did for me was helped me find the quiet place inside where I could focus and just be present. After a year or so I tapered off of them, had trained myself to find that place without the assistance.
YMMV, of course. But they can help a lot when it gets to overwhelming.