Friday, November 19, 2010

Heart of Gold

This morning I walked into SL to make a very hard thing happen. I was coming to pack up my homes. I wandered round Brissa (the cheap one) and decided that it was cheaper than anywhere else and if I could possibly afford to stay anywhere, I could perhaps keep that... So I went to Caledon Downs to pack up there. My bunnies hopped round me, the butterflies flittered round... and before I knew it, I had paid my meters another week.

I couldn't do it.
I hopped into ISC and confessed that I hadn't been able to pack up after all, and that I would remain landed for another week.
A voice popped up on screen and a sum of money tumbled into my account. I have an anonymous donor. Some one who would like me to stay a little longer. The sum of money passed back and forth for a while. I am not comfortable with such generosity. It is not like I am poor at all. It is just that I need to use what I have in RL now.
So I am the humblest person in Caledon and thank the anonymous donor from the bottom of my heart


Fogwoman Gray said...

Add my thanks to whoever it was that helped convince you to stay awhile longer :)
Landed or not we love you and want to see you around.
But it is nice to have a little place to call "home" and hang up your hat.
Hugs to Taz for being one of the good ones :)
And congratulations on your RL homebuilding as well!

Edward Pearse said...

When I sold my plot in Victoria City, it was harder than it should have been. If it had still been my home, I don't think I would have been able to do it.

It's nice to see there are still some white knights around to help.

Cathy and Audrey said...

I finally begged the donor to accept his money back. I would love him to feel the full force of my gratitude as the gesture was what mattered. I feel strongly that not having land in Caledon is a choice. I could stay laned.. if I gave up other things. So I will choose not to and then be happy with my choice because the other destination for my cash will be a better thing. A real tangible home. Pity the people who have no choices