Friday, November 26, 2010

Today I have been so busy in RL. I had a class on tonight and I had to get this finished. I have been really dragging my feet lately getting things done but today I was on full steam ahead.

Taz fell asleep while we were talking. ( I fascinate him, can you tell?) So while he slept, I wrote up the class notes for tonight. He woke just as I was nearly done so then I was able to run back to the sewing machine where I stayed all day except for a slight diversion to rescue a beaten up canary.

(Canary now sleeping in an upside down shopping basket to give him a chance to recover from the bullying)

Finally, with 20 minutes to spare, I was done and the above is the finished product. It's called
"Who's Who"
Pretty cute! We have been advertising the pattern through the store and it is doing quite well which is gratifying and will contribute in a small way to my great plans to build a new home.
Happy day


Anonymous said...

I love the owls! Are the center patterns applique?

Cathy and Audrey said...

uhhu :) applique
Glad you like