Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hunky Dorey

I have woken hunky dory
What a phony I am!
Not that I want to be consistent with the kind of misery that was my last few days and what a blessed relief!
Today's thought:
I love living "these days"
I love living with a mobile phone that can call most places on the planet at a moment notice for a price that isn't ruinous.
I love living in a time when you can chat and play with other people anywhere... and time.
I am not a political beastie. I am not at all into nationalism. I think it stands between good people and common sense. I love the Internet's multinational forum. How it equalises. Where only someone's behavior is their marker, not their wealth or their colour. I love that.
I love that we can meet and make friends of people anywhere. I love that we can fall in love anywhere.

More and more I hear people say they met on line. My mother is terrified of it. Ax murderers and all. I do remind her that as many poorly behaved people - more- can be found at a pub.

I know it isn't all roses. I know it is open to fails just like the old lives we knew. I actually pity those who haven't experienced it and judge from ignorance. It's not just on-line dungeons and dragons (no malice intended to all D&Ders), a special niche for a special group, I deeply believe that this is the path to our future.

I don't think this is the end point and I don't have so much imagination that I will try to predict where it is going, but this is the path to the future.

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Cathy and Audrey said...

and how mad am I that one day I am thinking " I want to be dead" and the next "I love life". It is mad.