Monday, November 8, 2010

playing with the mob

I remember seeing a photo Edward Pearse made of his household with Christine. I wondered if it was a large collection of friends or cleverness and photoshopping
I have spent some time tonight, a little short of cleverness, but playing with images none the less and here is the Fotherington Family
On the left is Devon. Devon Berliner. Two sandwich meats here in Australia. Stupid name, ugly avatar. He is a poor cousin to the girls. He wears freebies form Oxbridge and his one quality, if you can call it that, is his height.
When Audrey builds stairs, its his job to check it for height. He gets to wear the bruises to prove that the clearance wasn't high enough. In return he gets very little but an outing now and then. Poor fellow
Little Audz Mubble is a fashion conscious young lamb. She has a full wardrobe of Moppet fashions and her job is to try them for size and test their permissions. Audrey has been a bit mean lately though and is having all the dress up fun alone. Bah says Audz Mubble.

A few years ago Audrey was having a rough time and it seemed she would never know a moments peace. Heppi was her quiet space. Des let her buy our first home in Caledon- CaledonSouthend. Later when she lost her home in Fathom, Auds bought the two blocks next door from Wrath and lived there very happily for a long time.

Heppi found life in SL a little peculiar. She is Audrey. Just as Devon and Audz Mubble are...The typist is no sort of actress, so they are all the same. However Heppi has a different AO to Audrey

The typist found herself in the position where one particular person liked Heppi and did not like Audrey. it was totally perplexing. And it all boiled down to the AO. Heppi is demure, and Audrey is not :)
If Audrey wasn't having such a lovely time fetching new clothes and skins, it might almost be time to take Heppi shopping. She could do with a few new things.

Oh!! But what wonderful things the inventories of Devon, Heppi and Little Audz are! After 3 years of littering in her inventory, Audrey now has 32K items. Mostly not filed.
The spartan splendor of the cousins' inventories makes me want to play in there with them til they are just as shambollick as Auds :)


Edward Pearse said...

The household photo you refer to is a little bit of cleverness and a little bit of photoshop. While I have four "active" AVs only two (Edward and Mr. Gears) are part of the household. The other four in the picture all belong to Christine. My computer has a fair amount more grunt that does my wife's so I set out the poseballs beforehand and Mr. Gears and myself logged in while Christine logged and relogged with various people as I kept the camera still snapping a new picture for each one. Photoshop merged the pictures for the final result.

I do have a picture of all four of my AVs logged in at once but that was a struggle. I may post that eventually.

Is Heppi the middle one? Interesting skin tone.

Nice job on the photo.

Fogwoman Gray said...

Oh fun! You both inspire me to take a photo of the Gray-Volare clan :)