Monday, November 8, 2010


A lot of my writing over the last three years has been about home:
At the moment I feel like I am in my end days with SL mainly because I will have to stop owning land for financial reason. So for now i am throwing a bit more time and energy enjoying my SL homes properly before I have to leave them.

This is where my bunnies used to live. The bunnies have all but gone now, so finally i am moving prims, and getting myself comfortable.
This sim is amazing. Syn does wonderful deals with land and these prims cost me only 1.18L per prim per week.
I just might be able to afford to keep this one block when it is all said and done, but I am torn then because my Caledon land means a lot to me, even though it costs more. It means more for several reasons, and not the least has been the care that Des has taken of me at a few difficult times. I will continue to procrastinate over the decision for as long as possible. Fortunately, without those ravenous bunnies chewing up my money, rent in SL doesnt seem so bad.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Although we are on opposite timezones, I like knowing you are a part of the fabric of my SL existence. I hope no matter where you end up hanging your hat that I can continue to bump into you on the odd times we are both on :)
And remember there are way more nice people out there then the few pathetic little bastards who try to intimidate or manipulate you.

Cathy and Audrey said...

Thank you fogwoman :)Always, you offer that piece of encouragement just when needed. You are one of SL's treasures you know